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How Erdic works

A unique composition of cereals, plant species and phyto-oestrogens (phyto means "plant-derived") may result in a natural production of breast tissue. This may result in bigger and firmer breasts in 6 months. The result is different for each woman.

Erdic is 100% natural and stimulates the natural production of breast tissue.


Erdic is 100% natural

Erdic consists of 7 strictly selected cereals and plant species, grown according to the requirements of the European food industry. Erdic does not contain chemical oestrogens or other hormones. It does contain phyto-oestrogens and vitamin B6. Phyto-oestrogens cause the body to react as it does in the adolescent phase or during pregnancy. This may cause an increase in the breast tissue. The result is different for each woman.

Erdic tablets are made up of 7 different cereals and plant species. Humans have been eating all these ingredients for thousands of years. The Erdic tablets do not contain any preservatives, and no animal substances have been used. The consistently high quality and purity of the Erdic breast enlarging tablets is guaranteed. The entire production process is subject to strict supervision, with continuous quality and composition control.


Erdic consists of 100% natural components













rode klaver

Rode Klaver

vitamine B6

Vitamine B6

How does the Erdic programme work?

The duration of the Erdic programme is 6 months. For 6 months, breast tissue is produced in a 100% natural way. During the first two months, the body absorbs the required sufficient nutrients. After these two months, you will notice an increase in the volume of your breasts. In some women this is a speedy process, others take a little longer. In rare cases, a second course of treatment may be necessary. The result is different for each woman.


What happens after those 6 months?

Breast tissue is permanent, meaning that the breast augmentation and firming are permanent. However, hormone fluctuations, stress and medication can change the size and firmness of your breasts. That is why we recommend continuing the Erdic programme with 2 tablets per day to maintain the optimal result. If hormone fluctuations completely change your breasts, it is also always possible to complete a full Erdic programme again.

Erdic programme

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Erdic programme

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