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ERDIC is notified in accordance with the Royal Decree of 29 August 1997 on the manufacturing and marketing of natural food supplements or plant preparations. Number: PL 657/1

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Erdic harmful to human health?

    No, absolutely not. Erdic consists of 100% natural ingredients that humans have been using in their diet for years. The crops that supply the ingredients are grown in accordance with the requirements of European legislation on growing plants and crops. Erdic contains no preservatives, colourants or animal fats.

  • Can Erdic be taken by everyone?

    Erdic can be taken after puberty. During pregnancy, we recommend not following the Erdic programme, because the breast tissue is being stimulated anyway. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or if you have a low gluten tolerance, we advise against using Erdic.

  • How does the Erdic formula work?

    Erdic is rich in natural building materials that stimulate the development of breast tissue in a natural way. The result is fuller and firmer breasts.

  • Should I take Erdic for the rest of my life?

    No. After the desired result has been achieved, we recommend that you phase out the Erdic programme. To keep your breast tissue in optimal condition, in light of things such as ageing processes, it is recommended to continue taking 2 tablets per day. However, if illness, pregnancy or ageing significantly reduces the firmness of the breasts, the programme can always be repeated.

  • What will happen if I do not finish the treatment?

    It is important that you take Erdic consistently. Your body needs the daily dose of Erdic for 6 months. We recommend that you do not take breaks. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

  • Does Erdic add weight to other parts of the body?

    No. Erdic only affects the breast tissue and will not make the body fatter in other places. Because Erdic contains a lot of fibres, you can feel slightly bloated at first.

  • Can I take Erdic together with contraceptives such as the pill or other medicines?

    Erdic does not influence contraceptives. So far, we have not received any reports of Erdic's reduced effectiveness during medication use, or vice versa. When antibiotics are used, the intestinal function can be disturbed, limiting the body's capacity to absorb Erdic.

  • Does Erdic influence my menstruation?

    In some cases, Erdic may affect your menstruation during the first two months. This is usually due to irregular menstruation. This does not affect your health.

  • Can I follow a diet while taking Erdic?

    We recommend following the Erdic programme during a slimming diet. Weight loss can cause sagging breasts, which can be prevented by using Erdic.

  • Is Erdic medically tested?

    Yes. ERDIC has been medically tested at the Nové Mesto nad Vahom Hospital and Health Centre in Slovakia by Dr. Pavol Durdík, Dr. Jela Kubalová and Dr. Miroslav Šorf in the Gynaecology department. This test shows that 90% of the panel showed breast augmentation between 0.5 and 2 cm.

  • Are there any negative side effects?

    No. In all the years that Erdic has been on the market, no case of negative side effects was ever reported. It does strengthen nails and makes hair shinier. Tests have also shown that in some cases, Erdic reduces cholesterol levels.

  • What if I don't have any results after finishing the entire Erdic programme?

    For more than 80% of users, results are achieved after the complete Erdic programme (6 months). If you don't have any results after this treatment, you can stop, but there have also been users who needed more time to achieve the desired result.

  • Is my order handled confidentially and discreetly packaged?

    Yes. Erdic is sent to you in a closed, blank box. All your data will be treated confidentially and stored in our database. You can request your data at any time to make adjustments.